Welcome to St. Peter Catholic Church

Please note…

For a number of logistical reasons, we are no longer able to live-stream our Masses at Saint Peter and the Basilica of Saint John the Baptist. Thanks for joining us over these past 18 months. For homebound parishioners who are still unable to attend Mass in person, you can watch the Mass below from the Catholic Television Network of Youngstown (CTNY). You may also visit CTNY’s Facebook page for additional recorded Masses and programming at: https://m.facebook.com/CTNYoungstown

Welcome to the Catholic community of St. Peter Parish in Canton, Ohio.

Founded in 1845, St. Peter Church served the needs of the German immigrants to our area. Our parish community has been a source of faith and community service for many generations. We take great pride in our past and look forward to a future where we can make present the message and love of Jesus Christ. Our parish school helps to form our youngest generation of believers in Gospel values as we provide them with an excellent education.

As you visit our website, I hope that you will discover in us a vibrant and loving community of Christian believers. If you are a parishioner, I hope you will find these pages helpful in providing you with the opportunity to share more intensely in the work and service our parish community. If you are visiting our “on-line” home, I extend to you an invitation to join us in our spiritual journey.

Fr. John E. Sheridan, Pastor