Parish Pastoral Council   

Saint Peter Pastoral Council is a consultative body of parishioners that assists the pastor in developing plans and programs to respond to the needs of the parish.  At the monthly meeting, members evaluate, coordinate, publicize and support these activities.  Its mission is to aid the pastor in the continual spiritual development of the parish community and to coordinate the plans and activities of the parish and its organizations.  Selection of new members is annually for a three-year term.

All of the activities of the Parish Life are reported to the members of the Parish Pastoral Council.  To find some activities that interest you, click on the other tabs under this header in the menu above.  We would love to have you involved in the life of our parish.


Finance Committee   

The Parish Finance Committee’s purpose is to help and advise the pastor in overseeing the financial concerns of the parish.  The Finance Committee’s role is in financial and administrative planning only.